“Sports is human life in microcosm.”
– Howard Cosell

This blog is my forum for sharing observations about the intersection between start-up life and sports.

I write on the topic because I spend the majority of my days at this very crossroads in my role as Chief Product Officer for a sports gaming technology start-up called OverDog. Add in the time I spend volunteering as head coach of the Vanderbilt ice hockey club plus my lovely wife Betsy’s role running Product (big “P”) for a fast-growing healthcare start-up and you could say that I’m living one big 24/7 crash course in entrepreneurship. It remains a great ride.

Teams + Goals + Challenges + Failures + Triumphs = Start-Up Life … or Hockey Teams. It’s the same equation for both and I aim to explore the how and why of those similarities. Along the way, I hope you enjoy what will be quick reads and also share your feedback!